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Head of the station:

V.V. Popov, Dr.Sci.

Head-manager A.A. Abramov

The Utrish Marine Station of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution was established in 1978. The Station is located on the Black Sea coast near Cape Maly Utrish between the cities of Anapa and Novorossiysk. Thå Station covers an area of 2 hectares immediately adjacent to the sea, and is surrounded by low forested mountains. It is an interlaboratory field station for marine mammals and fish. The Station can accommodate up to 40 people. There are approximately 30 temporary labs, business and residential premises, seven experimental basins, and also enclosures for holding dolphins and pinnipeds in a coastal saltwater lake. The Station has a cafeteria, storage rooms, boathouse, garage, freezers for storage of marine mammal food, equipment for shallow water diving, motor boats, and vehicles