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Databases and collections

Databases and collections

The Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA)

An international effort to assemble circumpolar Arctic vegetation plot data into a publically accessible web-based archive.


B chromosome database of the korean field mouse  (apodemus peninsulae thomas, 1907)   
The Korean field mouse (Apodemus peninsulae Thomas, 1907) is widely distributed from East Siberia and North Mongolia, the Russian Far East to China, Korea and Japan (Hokkaido). A. peninsulae belongs to the genus Apodemus, in which six species have been shown to carry B chromosomes.

Чужеродные виды на территории России

Alien species in Russia

Information site on the problem of invasions of alien species in the territory and water area of Russia. The main thematic sections of the site: invasion of alien species, databases, legislative acts, specialists, publications, glossary, etc.


Биологические ресурсы Российской Федерации

Biological resources of the Russian Federation

Goals and objectives of the program, main areas of work, grants and their results, legislative aspects of the use of biological resources, leading organizations and specialists, etc.

Фундаментальная экология (Информационно-образовательный сайт)

Fundamental ecology

(Informational and educational site)

News, achievements, seminars and reports, international cooperation in topical areas of fundamental ecology and other useful information.

Териологическое общество при РАН


Theriological Society at the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Theriological Society at the Russian Academy of Sciences is a voluntary public organization that unites scientists working on the study of mammals, promotes spreading the knowledge about mammals and the development of theriological research, organizes conferences and meetings.

Птицы агроландшафтов Европейской части России

Birds of agricultural landscapes of the European part of Russia

Online identifier guide - an interactive identifier of the species of birds observed in nature. The identifier includes three functions: reference list, identifier, training exercises.


Генетические и биологические (зоологические и ботанические) коллекции Российской Федерации

"Genetic and biological (zoological and botanical) collections of the Russian Federation" online portal

Collections of microorganisms, cell cultures, herbaria of the Russian Federation, botanical gardens, living organisms in the reserves of the Russian Federation, etc.

Позвоночные животные России

Vertebrates of Russia

(Information retrieval system)

Publicly available information system and integrated database on the diversity of vertebrates in Russia. The integrated database includes 295 species and subspecies of freshwater fish, 29 amphibians, 84 reptiles, 739 birds and 310 mammals.

Красная Книга Российской Федерации

Red Data Book of the Russian Federation

(Information retrieval system)

Publicly available information system and integrated database on rare and endangered species of the Russian Federation. The information system consists of two parts - "Red Data Book of the Russian Federation (animals)" - 434 species and "Red Data Book of the RSFSR (plants)" - 533 species.

Информационная поисковая система по фауне и флоре заповедников России

Information retrieval system on the fauna and flora of Russian reserves

Information retrieval system and an integrated database on the fauna and flora of the species composition of living organisms protected in the protected areas of Russia, as well as on the cadastral data of protected areas of Russia.


Portal of the Coordination and Informational Center for access to GENETIC RESOURCES

An information retrieval system and an integrated database on genetic and biological collections of the Russian Federation, which include the main characteristics of the collections (herbarium, living in-situ and ex-situ), departmental affiliation of the collections (characteristics of the organization - the holder of the resource), etc.

Сайт Библиотеки ОБН РАН

Library site of the Department of Biological Sciences RAS

The website of the Library of the DBS RAS, is being developed by the staff of the IEE RAS and Library of Natural Sciences RAS Historical information, New acquisitions, Electronic library, Links, Catalogs, Official documents, Editions of the library, Thematic sections, Rules, Archives and other information about the Library.