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Chairman- Academician of RAS A.F.Alimov
Deputy Chairman- Corresponding Member of RAS I.S. Darevsky
 - Corresponding Member of RAS, professor B.R. Striganova
Scientific Secretary- Ph.D. G. D. Shadrina

The Scientific Council has been operating since 1968.

The Council includes representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities and institutes, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation (the total number of members is 26).

The Scientific Council coordinates the research of 13 institutes in the following areas:

- study of modern biodiversity and the state of the resources of the animal world in Russia and adjacent territories, the prospects for their development;

- development of methodological foundations for monitoring (databases and cadastres) of the animal world;

- development of scientific foundations for the rational use and reproduction of animal resources in Russia;

- protection of the animal world and the organization of control over the state of its resources;

- studying the biology and ecology of rare and endangered species in order to create a scientific basis for their protection.

Scientific research is carried out according to the program of the Department of General Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Problems of General Biology and Ecology: Rational Use of Biological Resources" for 1998-2005.

The Scientific Council regularly holds All-Russian meetings, publishes collections and participates in the organization and holding of conferences of other organizations and departments at the level of members of the organizing committees.

Over the past 5 years, the Council has held the following conferences:

- All-Russian conference - Dynamics of biodiversity of the animal world (November 26-28, 1996, Moscow, IEE RAS);

- Xth All-Russian Mirmecological Symposium (August 24-28, 1998, Peshki);

- II (XII) All-Russian Conference on Soil Zoology (November 15-19, 1999, Moscow, IPEE RAS);

- XI All-Russian Mirmecological Symposium (2001, PSU, Perm);

- Modern problems of evolution and phylogeny of animals (December 3-5, 2001, IEE RAS, Moscow);

- III (XIII) All-Russian meeting on soil zoology (October 1-5, 2002, Mari State University, Yoshkar-Ola).

Materials for all conferences and meetings have been published.