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The Permanent Expedition of RAS was founded in 29th February of 2008 according to the Order of Russian Academy of Sciences ¹ 12300-128 and incorporated in A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of Russian Academy of Sciences. Academician D.S. Pavlov is the scientific supervisor of the Expedition, academician V.V. Rozhnov (the director of the Institute) is the head of the Expedition. The expedition combines the five main projects of the Institute and its collaborators which are conducted in Russia and adjacent countries from White Sea to Ohotsk sea and from the Arctic to Mongolia. These five projects were realized with the financial support of Russian Geographical Society and include «The Program on research of Amur tiger at the Russian Far East», «The Program on research, conservation and reconstitution of Amur leopard», «The Program on research of polar bear in Russian Arctic», «The Program on research and monitoring of snow leopard in Southern Siberia», «The Program on research of spatial distribution and migration of white whale», approved by the President of Russian Academy of Sciences.

In addition to these projects the scientists have studied several other endangered species: Pallas’ cat, forest reindeer, seals of the internal water basins, etc. These research programs are of a complex and multidisciplinary character and are dealing with the wide range of questions: spatial distribution of the individuals in their area, the development of the methods to reconstitute the populations of endangered species in their historical range, the development of the methods to estimate the well-being and physical condition of the animals, genetic diversity of the populations, transfer of pathogens in wild populations. The results of the Expedition became the base for several official documents, including the governmental strategies for conservations of Amur tiger, Amur leopard and polar bear, approved by Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation




Director of the Permanent Expedition

Viatcheslav V. Rozhnov

Academician of the RAS

Phone: (495) 952-20-88, (495) 952-73-05

Scientific leader of  the Permanent Expedition:

Academician of the RAS

Dmitry S. Pavlov

Phone: (495) 952-20-88