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Documentaries produced with the participation of employees of IEE RAS

Sterkh. Return to Kunovat

Restoring an extinct population is no easy task! And the Siberian Crane (“Sterkh”) is not a simple species. They are raised in the Ryazan region and, at the age of one, teenagers are sent with several transfers to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug to the Kunovat swamps.

Saiga races

Every year in December, the mating season begins for the saiga population of the planet. Males eat nothing but ice and snow, drink a lot, run and fight a lot.

Musk ox reacclimatization in Yamal

For the third decade in Yamal, an experiment has been going on to breed musk ox in semi-wild conditions. What kind of beast is it, how does he live in these conditions and what to do with the growing herd, these topics are discussed in the documentary.