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Эмблема лаборатории синэкологии     LABORATORY OF SYNECOLOGY

      Address: Russia, 119071, Moscow, Leninskij prosp., 33

      Phone: 8 (499) 135-71-39


Headed by Olga L. Makarova, PhD

The Laboratory of Synecology (initially, Laboratory of Community Structures and Dynamics) branched off in 1980 from the Laboratory of Soil Zoology and Experimental Entomology, headed by Academician M.S. Gilyarov. In 1986, it was merged with the Laboratory of Insect Ecological Physiology, led by Professor R.S. Ushatinskaya.  Since then, and until 2012, the Lab was headed by Academician Yu.I. Chernov. 

The Laboratory studies principles of community organization, mechanisms of biotagenesis and adaptations of organisms to zonal-climatic conditions, and analyzes interspecies relations and the coenotic role of individual species. Research is conducted in various natural zones, but special attention is paid to communities in extreme environments, especially to those formed in marginal detached areas of climatic gradients (Arctic and Subarctic), mountain areas, solonchaks, caves, etc., as well as urbanized landscapes. Unique data obtained on the structure of animal populations in the polar desert zone have shown their origins to be composed of the most ancient (Palaeozoic) animal groups such as nematodes, mites and springtails. Long-term changes in the animal populations in arid regions, Arctic and urban environments are being analyzed. Taxonomic and inventory studies of invertebrates, chiefly arthropods, are also among the most important studies conducted in the Laboratory. Attention is also devoted to conservation research, namely, the development of scientific foundations for environmental monitoring, organization of specially protected areas, and updating the national Red Data Books.

Макарова Ольга Львовна Заведующий лабораторией к.б.н. Старший научный сотрудник
Бабенко Анатолий Борисович Ведущий научный сотрудник д.б.н.  
Нехаева Анна Александровна Младший научный сотрудник к.б.н.  
Захаров Роман Анатольевич Научный сотрудник к.б.н.  
Палатов Дмитрий Михайлович Ведущий инженер    
Волкова Людмила Борисовна Научный сотрудник    
Грушко Татьяна Владимировна Научный сотрудник к.б.н.  
Морозов Николай Сергеевич Старший научный сотрудник к.б.н.  
Хрулева Ольга Артуровна Старший научный сотрудник к.б.н.  
Чертопруд Елена Сергеевна Ведущий инженер к.б.н.  
Агеева Татьяна Жановна Ведущий инженер    
Бизин Михаил Сергеевич Младший научный сотрудник   аспирант