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The Laboratory of Evolutionary Morphology

The Laboratory of Evolutionary Morphology 

Address: Russia, 119071, Moscow, Leninskij prosp., 33

Phone: 8 (495) 954-32-62


Headed by Sergey V. Smirnov, Dr. Biol. Sc

The Laboratory of Evolutionary Morphology was established in 1977 at the initiative of Academician V.E. Sokolov, as a result of the merging of two scientific groups: the Laboratory of Comparative Vertebrate Embryology, and research Group on Evolutionary Morphology (formerly the Laboratory of Embryology headed by Academician I.I. Schmalhausen, transferred in 1976 from Leningrad to Moscow).  From its establishment to 2014 the LEM was headed by Academician E.I. Vorobyeva. Under her leadership the Laboratory had a long tradition in the study of comparative and functional morphology, development, and evolution of lower vertebrates, both fossil and extant. Current research topics encompass mainly evolutionary developmental biology and studies of characteristics and mechanisms of morphological evolution in onto- and phylogenesis of lower vertebrates (amphibians and bony fish, especially sturgeons). Comprehensive, multidisciplinary approaches are used in laboratory and field studies by combining comparative and experimental methods. The work of the LEM is carried out in cooperation with Moscow State University and the N.K. Koltsov Institute of Developmental Biology. Laboratory staff take an active part in the work of the Joint Russian-Ethiopian Biological Expedition. Research conducted in Ethiopia has revealed the ontogenetic mechanisms of the explosive morphological diversification displayed by the sympatric large Lake Tana (Ethiopia) barbs (Labeobarbus spp.), comprising the largest known intact species group of cyprinids.

Смирнов             Сергей       Васильевич      Заведующий лабораторией, главный научный сотрудник    д.б.н.  
Капитанова Дарья Викторовна Старший научный сотрудник к.б.н.
Букреева Светлана Николаевна Главный специалист подразделения  
Меркулова Ксения Михайловна Младший научный сотрудник к.б.н.
Борисов Василий Борисович Научный сотрудник к.б.н.
Цессарский Алексей Альбертович Ведущий инженер к.б.н.
Шкиль Федор Николаевич Старший научный сотрудник к.б.н.
Букреева Светлана Николаевна Главный специалист подразделения  
Дзержинский Кирилл Феликсович Ведущий инженер  
Медников Дмитрий Николаевич Старший инженер
Васильева Анна Борисовна Ведущий инженер
Селезнев Дмитрий Геннадьевич Ведущий инженер
Ивашкин Евгений Геннадьевич Инженер