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Chairman of the Council - Academician of RAS Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Rozhnov

Scientific secretary - Olga Lvovna Makarova

The Scientific Council on Problems of Ecology of Biological Systems was founded by Academician V.N. Sukachev in 1964. The Council coordinates fundamental research in the following areas:

- study of the structural and functional organization and stability of biological systems, as well as the patterns of their anthropogenic changes;

- development of scientific foundations of ecological forecasting, ecological expertise and standards of permissible impacts on ecosystems;

- protection of ecosystems in order to preserve biological diversity, the use of protected areas as natural laboratories for scientific research;

- development of principles for managing biological systems in operation, including: technologies for creating artificial biological systems for various purposes; methods of managing non-equilibrium ecological processes in order to intensify agriculture and forestry; methods of remediation of degraded areas.

Since 1981, the Scientific Council has been holding Annual Readings in memory of Academician V.N. Sukachev, publishing collections of works presented at the readings. The Scientific Council is active in publishing abstracts of meetings and conferences, monographs on theoretical and methodological issues.