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Head - Ph.D., senior researcher Erofeeva Maria Nikolaevna

tel .: 8-905-775-75-60


The Center for Collective Use "Live Collection of Wild Mammals" was created in 2017 on the basis of IEE RAS and includes a collection of mammals kept at the Scientific and Experimental Base "Chernogolovka" of IEE RAS, as well as relevant equipment at the base of the Institute. Priority areas of activity of the Center for Collective Use "Living Collection of Wild Mammals":

· Research into the ontogeny of mammalian behavior, their social organization, communication and behavioral ecology, aimed at solving fundamental problems of biology and the preservation of rare species.

· Development of non-invasive methods for studying the reproductive state of mammals, their reactions to stressful influences for field and laboratory studies.

· Development of breeding methods for rare mammals.

· Development of methods for assessing the spread of pathogens.

· Development and execution of new research methods in the implementation of scientific and technical projects with the involvement of highly qualified specialists.

· Training of highly qualified specialists by attracting undergraduates and graduate students to carry out scientific research, organizing their internship.

· Development of cooperation between RAS institutes and other establishments, organization of experience exchange and discussion of the results of work carried out on the basis of the Center, holding scientific and scientific-technical conferences and meetings.